Unholy Suicidal Pleasures


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Unholy Suicidal Pleasures is the dark desperation of wanton desires and masochistic flagellations. An unforgiving blasphemous attack of ensuring holocaust; a vampiric conjugation into the realms of Death. Descend deep into the chambers of Infernal Night. Carve His signs unto your flesh. Give your soul to the Dark Lord.


released November 15, 2016

Incantations vomited @ Blacksmith's Blood Inc
Blood onto His Altar inked by Reptilophobia



all rights reserved


NIGHT CURSE Vladivostok, Russia

Blackest apocalyptic sorcery into the darkest realms of harsh rhythmic obliteration

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Track Name: Nacht Der Dekadenz
Today is not a day of joy
Sinking deep into the void..

Ride me dead, unholy wings of pestilence
Dripping crimson death, embraced at my throat
I want nothing more, so choke the life out of me
Fucking spit on me, degrade me, end my fucking existence

A bacchanale of night-black terror..

Nacht der dekadenz
Ich bin tod

And when you're done with me, mutilate my body
Desecrate my flesh, and leave me to rot
I don't care where i go when i die, i hate being alive
Suck me dry, swallow my filth, leave nothing behind
Track Name: Infernal Satanic Night
Spill your Blood
Upon the Altar of Sacrifice
Give your soul to the Dark Lord
Enter His realm..

Kill yourself for Satan..

Carve His signs into your flesh

Unholy suicidal pleasures
I give to thee - Satan
Track Name: Vortex Ov Hellfire
Follow the path
Into the realms of Death
Wisdom beyond the Stars
Behold the secrets of Necromancy

Unholy vortex, ripping across the Void
Plunged into palaces of perpetual Night..

Death! Chaos!! Terror!!!